Tamara Turner - Silver Spoon Desserts
photo of Terrie Simmons

American Airlines Silver Spoon Hero

Success Story:

Tamara Turner founded Silver Spoon Desserts in her Aurora, Illinois, home. Through her passion, she helps create opportunities and change lives of people in her community.

You can enjoy her delicious cakes onboard select American Airlines flights.



Terrie Simmons

Terrie Simmons is an entrepreneur, civic leader, and the owner of Strategic Exceptions, a professional business consulting firm, innovative employee training and organizational development company focused on delivering exceptional service standards with quantitative results. Terrie is expertly experienced in non-profit management, leadership development and all phases of entrepreneurship How To’s. Terrie is also an adjunct professor teaching business courses at the graduate level.

How To Prevent Business Identity Theft and Fraud During a Pandemic

By Terrie Simmons | March 30, 2021

Times are challenging and most business owners are experiencing financial loss and discomfort with their business. Creating a sense of confidence to keep your business…

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Grand opening of K25 Baseball/Softball

By Terrie Simmons | March 25, 2021

Grand opening of K25 Baseball/Softball in the Village of North Aurora, IL https://fb.watch/5MPCQDIAFJ/

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Black Vax Aurora Clinic

By Terrie Simmons | March 3, 2021

Terrie and the Lewis Simmons Foundation Team have been working hard to bring awareness to the Black VAX initiative happening in Aurora, IL. This initiative…

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