Lewis Simmons Foundation provides job preparation training, resume writing and interview skills.

Everyone deserves a second chance!

Established in 2018 by Terrie Simmons, Lewis Simmons Foundation (LSF) is a 501c3 corporation that champions business growth, job readiness, and professional development.

When Terrie’s son was younger, he faced the possibility of jail time for a minor offense. She realized that there are so many young men and women who make mistakes but do not have the means or the access to help them resolve their legal troubles without having to serve time. As a mother and the mother of an African-American son, this reality is one that she thinks of daily. This is why she founded the Lewis Simmons Foundation.

LSF’s mission is to help close the health and wealth gap for those in underserved communities, particularly groups faced with labor market barriers such as incarceration and communities of color and women. Through this mission, we work to educate detainees who have non-violent felonies, and prepare them to gain employment once released.

Our vision is to “champion change for those whose voices are stifled and so often go unheard.” This vision is the vehicle that drives the foundation’s efforts to serve as an intermediary that organizes and works with employers, training participants, employees, government agencies, and other organizations to solve workforce development problems within Illinois and help grow Illinois by developing trust and a base of knowledge about its organizations and businesses, as well as available public and private resources.

LSF operates under the umbrella of its parent company, Strategic Exceptions Professional Consulting Inc. (SEPCI).

Family portrait: Lewis Simmons Foundation

When one person is impacted we are all impacted… Our Foundation gives back to the community

We believe that by taking a proactive approach, we help to ensure the success of more citizens in our local communities. When one person is impacted we are all impacted.

LSF delivers services and has undertaken several projects including our second chance program to create an opportunity for those who are currently or previously incarcerated to carve a path to a bright and healthy future. Through this initiative, we partnered with numerous organizations to create virtual workforce development training programs for adults, youths, and low to moderate-income individuals. Some of the partnership initiatives, further our mission, include but are not limited to:

Kane County Sheriff’s Office Diversion Program

By Terrie Simmons | June 30, 2020

As you know, small business owners are the backbone of communities around the country. Your support of these businesses will help to fuel economic impact for minority and women businesses…

Father’s Who Care, West Side Community Stakeholders, Talented Tenth Social Services, Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry

By Terrie Simmons | June 17, 2020

During the weekend of June 16, our Founders Terrie and Eric Simmons participated in several events across the Chicagoland area. The Lewis Simmons Foundation team partnered with Father’s Who Care,…

THE MOKR (Mission Objectives Key Results) – The WoodForest Foundry

By Terrie Simmons | December 31, 2019

Trained small businesses, both in person and virtually, on how to pivot, engage clients through technology and sell their products and services through eCommerce.  Guided 20 local low to moderate-income…

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