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Self-Care: Revive, Refuel, and Renew

The term self-care has grown in popularity over the years and is used in many different contexts. But, now more than ever it is so important to truly practice self-care. Self-care is exactly as it sounds…it is caring for yourself. As a verb, it means to take action and do things to revive, refuel, and renew yourself.

Something as simple as getting outside and going for a walk or a bike ride can revive your energy and give you the opportunity to sort through your thoughts and feelings about the many things going on in our world today! If you’re working from home, try taking half of your lunch hour or break, and take a walk around your neighborhood. Or, call a friend or family member and organize a group bike ride or walk (while respecting social distancing of course!).

Our health and caring for ourselves is also so very important! Pandemic aside, maintaining healthy and manageable fitness and nutrition plans can be a challenge, especially during times like these. However, there are still ways to refuel yourself and establish some healthy habits. Establish long-term healthy habits by setting short term goals. For example, try incorporating at least 10-30 minutes of exercise per day, and a fruit and/or vegetable with every meal and snack. My favorites are bike rides around my neighborhood and snacking on fresh strawberries from my garden!

Renewing yourself can become easier by reconnecting and refocusing on the relationships in your life that bring you joy and peace. Call an old friend, schedule a zoom call for a family game night or catch-up session. Reconnect with your partner and children by disconnecting from technology and try playing board games, reading together, or spending time outdoors.

We have all been affected and touched some way by the issues of the day; political unrest, pandemic onset, and changes, and the resulting effects on our work, education, and families. Take the time to pour into YOU and care for YOURSELF!

-Terrie Simmons, Owner, and CEO

Terrie Simmons

Terrie Simmons is an entrepreneur, civic leader, and the owner of Strategic Exceptions, a professional business consulting firm, innovative employee training and organizational development company focused on delivering exceptional service standards with quantitative results. Terrie is expertly experienced in non-profit management, leadership development and all phases of entrepreneurship How To’s. Terrie is also an adjunct professor teaching business courses at the graduate level.

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