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THE MOKR (Mission Objectives Key Results) – The WoodForest Foundry

Trained small businesses, both in person and virtually, on how to pivot, engage clients through technology and sell their products and services through eCommerce. 

Guided 20 local low to moderate-income Chicagoland business owners as they ventured through our 12-week program on a journey to develop the mindset to solve complex business problems and create measurably sustainable solutions that accelerated their business growth and increased their bottom line within 90 days.

Results: Helped 20 small business owners turn their ideas into action and grow their businesses and educated hundreds about the bank’s “Second Chance Bank Account” financial program.

Success Stories:

Ms. P’s Gluten Free had a goal to get their product into 8 whole food stores. The client accomplished getting into 4 stores within 30 days of the program.

MAO Concrete had a goal to reduce order fulfillment time and improve customer service. The client created CRM and reduced fulfillment time resulting in increased sales in 30 days. Client expanding business as a result.

Terrie Simmons

Terrie Simmons is an entrepreneur, civic leader, and the owner of Strategic Exceptions, a professional business consulting firm, innovative employee training and organizational development company focused on delivering exceptional service standards with quantitative results. Terrie is expertly experienced in non-profit management, leadership development and all phases of entrepreneurship How To’s. Terrie is also an adjunct professor teaching business courses at the graduate level.

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