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Women’s History Month – The Importance of Legacy

Women’s History Month is celebrated in October and marks so many important milestones in the women’s movement in this country. Our rights to vote, our rights to have control over reproductive care and so many other important milestones that women have reached in the U.S. are all celebrated during the month of October. While these milestones should be celebrated, it’s also important to acknowledge your own milestones and those of the historic women in your life.

As women, we are charged with so much in this lifetime. Bearing and raising children, often being the keepers of households, and in today’s society very often being the breadwinners and sometimes the sole parent in the home. Taking time to celebrate the women in your life and reflect on how their sacrifices have impacted you is so valuable to help move you forward on your own journey.

A mentor is a part of your support system and more importantly a friend. You have to be willing to ask for help and be humble enough to receive help and advice. It’s also important that you are a good friend so that you can attract a mentor that is also your friend. Show up when your mentor asks you to, just as you’d want your mentor to show up for you.

I knew that as my life grew and my goals became more clear, part of my journey was to mentor young women. I dreamed of being that person that young women needed but couldn’t truly find in their best friends, parents, teachers, and even in their significant-others. Several mentoring relationships have created opportunities for me to even learn more about myself. Be open and realize that there are things in your life that can change for the better. It’s important to see different perspectives, try new things, and stay the course – and these are all things a good mentor will encourage, but you must be open to change and be open to constructive criticism.

As I sit to reflect on my own history during Women’s History Month, I’m drawn to the history of my grandmothers. Both of whom were entrepreneurs and trailblazers in their own rights. Their sacrifices helped to shape me into the woman that I am today, as I continue to create my own path and guide women, just as so many before me have done.

Here’s to Women’s History Month and all of the beautiful women who have come and gone, and those who are here now leading the way.

“A woman’s legacy is her impact on the world and the footprints she leaves behind”

-Terrie Simmons, MBA, CEO Strategic Exceptions INC, Founder of Terrie Talks Tea, Founder of Lewis Simmons Foundation

Terrie Simmons

Terrie Simmons is an entrepreneur, civic leader, and the owner of Strategic Exceptions, a professional business consulting firm, innovative employee training and organizational development company focused on delivering exceptional service standards with quantitative results. Terrie is expertly experienced in non-profit management, leadership development and all phases of entrepreneurship How To’s. Terrie is also an adjunct professor teaching business courses at the graduate level.

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