Operating Your Business Effectively

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Originally presented by Terrie Simmons, IL MBDA Business Center President on October 12, 2021, the “Operating Your Business Effectively” Workshop is one to help you identify and fine tune the fundamental tools needed for effective leadership! Revisit this great webinar and learn how to challenge old processes, and inspire others to lead teams and initiatives to achieve a common goal.


What’s All That Funding Paperwork About Workshop

January 25, 2022

In this ‘2.0’ version of the critically acclaimed “What’s All That Paperwork Workshop,” the IL MBDA Business Center President and Strategic Exceptions CEO Terrie Simmons…

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Leveraging Relationship to Grow Your Business

January 13, 2022

Your business depends on more than your social media branding 📱. How do you present your expertise and value in conversations 🗣? In this webinar…

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Goal Setting Series with Terrie & Friends Day Two

January 12, 2022

In this 2-day series Terrie (IL MBDA Business Center President) shares her personal tips of success in goal setting and welcomes her colleagues and partners…

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