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How To Prevent Business Identity Theft and Fraud During a Pandemic

By Terrie Simmons / 30 March 2021

Times are challenging and most business owners are experiencing financial loss and discomfort with their business. Creating a sense of confidence to keep your business thriving is one thing, but…

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Grand opening of K25 Baseball/Softball

By Terrie Simmons / 25 March 2021

Grand opening of K25 Baseball/Softball in the Village of North Aurora, IL

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Black Vax Aurora Clinic

By Terrie Simmons / 03 March 2021

Terrie and the Lewis Simmons Foundation Team have been working hard to bring awareness to the Black VAX initiative happening in Aurora, IL. This initiative is aimed at giving black…

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Love Yourself Sister Saturday Set

By Terrie Simmons / 27 February 2021

Hosted an international event that connected 13 industry experts with 60+ women to talk to, learn from and grow with each other and have meaningful engagement designed to provide the…

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Facebook Live with Congressman Bill Foster

By Terrie Simmons / 31 December 2020

Hosted a Facebook Live to educate the community about resources available through the CARES ACT and Family First Act. Had 10,000+ viewers.

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An Evening with Inspiring Authors | Terrie Talks Tea

A Terrie Talks Tea Special – An Evening with Inspiring Authors

By Terrie Simmons / 17 November 2020

What a fun Terrie Talks Tea Special. Terrie and her guests got to discuss what it takes to become an author? Terrie welcomed established authors Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, Maria Castro, and…

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Women’s History Month – The Importance of Legacy

By Terrie Simmons / 16 October 2020

Women’s History Month is celebrated in October and marks so many important milestones in the women’s movement in this country. Our rights to vote, our rights to have control over…

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2020 Census outreach in Aurora, IL with Talented Tenths Social Services and the QCAAC

By Terrie Simmons / 25 September 2020

The Lewis Simmons Foundation joined the City of Aurora, Talented Tenth Social Services, and the Quad County African American Chamber on Saturday, September 25 to encourage residents in Aurora, IL…

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Self-Care: Revive, Refuel, and Renew

By Terrie Simmons / 18 September 2020

The term self-care has grown in popularity over the years and is used in many different contexts. But, now more than ever it is so important to truly practice self-care.…

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How to Successfully Find a Mentor

By Terrie Simmons / 17 September 2020

Being a mentor is not necessarily about becoming a mentor. You see, I grew up and learned from the knowledge and wisdom of several mentors. Mentors who taught me resilience…

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Kane County Sheriff’s Office Diversion Program

By Terrie Simmons / 30 June 2020

As you know, small business owners are the backbone of communities around the country. Your support of these businesses will help to fuel economic impact for minority and women businesses…

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Father’s Who Care, West Side Community Stakeholders, Talented Tenth Social Services, Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry

By Terrie Simmons / 17 June 2020

During the weekend of June 16, our Founders Terrie and Eric Simmons participated in several events across the Chicagoland area. The Lewis Simmons Foundation team partnered with Father’s Who Care,…

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